Before you start freezing food, you must make sure the freezer is as clean and sterile as the food. Although food contamination is quite common, it is an acute health risk and should not be ruled out. Therefore, you need to read more details on how to make healthy frozen food in this article.

Ensure Hygiene

As i mentioned earlier, to make healthy frozen food, the freezer should free from bacteria and ger. For the inside of the freezer, I suggest hot water and two spoons. You can use a stronger detergent/disinfectant outside of the freezer, such as Lysol or bleach.

Use the Right Food Containers

vegan dietsRegarding the packaging and storage of food in the freezer, there are different packaging types to choose from. You can pack food in many different types of freezer packaging, store it in aluminum, glass, or plastic containers, or even use some types of bags. When using transparency, it is best to use a thick film, as it is thick and does not break easily because of the thinner, more delicate films. The film is easy to label because you can compose it directly on the package with a Sharpie marker pen. Freezer paper is an excellent choice for packaging because it is suitable for connection to the freezer.

Most types usually have a smooth coating on which the food is placed and prevents the packaging from sticking to the food when unpacked. Freezer paper can also be easily labeled by writing directly on the packaging with a Sharpie marker. Vinyl containers are incredibly practical because they are relatively inexpensive and reusable.

Consider the Shape and Size of Packaging

They come in all shapes and sizes, along with airtight lids, and can also be strong enough to stack. In any case, it is better to work with labels than to write on containers and erase them. You can use glass containers, but they must be made of reinforced glass, specially designed to withstand freezing temperatures.

They come in all shapes and sizes and with airtight lids and strong enough to be stacked. However, they are more expensive than their counterparts. You will find the traditional plastic bags that advertise that they could be used to freeze food, but I don’t think they are very resistant to cracks and freezing burns.…