There is no denying that the air pollution that continually surrounds us today is difficult to combat. Harmful PM levels are detrimental to the emotional well-being of many. While it’s not a wise idea to leave the city, you can regularly check air pollution forecasts before going outdoors. Air pollution is considered one of the significant environmental risks in society. The pollution levels are increasing throughout time, which raises the exposure. It becomes one of the priority points that the government concern about. Therefore, this website aims to explain how air pollution affects health.

This exposure to air pollution could affect human health, such as respiratory infections, lung cancer, or heart diseases. Besides, the decay causes depletion of the ozone layer, through which ultraviolet radiation can penetrate the soil and cause skin cancer and damage to the immune and defense systems. It contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming, which leads to excessive warming of the worldwide atmosphere and contributes to climate fluctuations and sea-level rise.

bad quality air

Effects on Human Health

cardiovascularAir pollution caused by certain chemicals, pesticides, and fungicides causes acute discomfort. Fungicide contamination can cause nerve damage and death. Pesticides such as DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) can be toxic, enter our food chain, and eventually accumulate in our system. It can lead to kidney disease and problems with the mind and circulatory system. As mentioned before, it affects some aspects of human health, especially lung and heart. It is slightly inseparable not to relate air pollution to human health. It is because every second, human absorb air to breathe. Therefore, bad air quality could affect human health that might lead them to experience acute diseases.

Effects on Mental Health wellness

It not only affects human health, but air pollution could also affect their mental health. It is because the air quality could affect the human brain. The human brain structure could get affected by the lousy quality of air. Regarding this case, you’d be in better shape if you chose to work from home instead of going outside to breathe in a toxic atmosphere. But if you use it usually, you can be healthier. They are a perfect choice for minimizing pollution. Therefore, your brain won’t get affected easily.

Preventive Actions

You can take some preventive actions to reduce the risk to your health. For instance, you can use Nasal Filters or N95 masks. It helps you cover your nose to absorb more lousy air quality. Besides, you should eat healthy foods as jaggery can quickly flush toxins from your system. It would be best if you then ventilated your home more, such as opening your windows and doors during the day, from 3 to 5 pm. Therefore, you can prevent other severe diseases that might happen to you because of air pollution.…